Saturday, 14 July 2018

'The Promise: Part Two of the Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' is now in the Amazon Kindle bookstore!

Here it is; my newest book, 'The Promise: Part Two of the Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' is now out (click on this link to buy a copy from the Amazon Kindle store)! Here're the cover and blurb:

'Odin, chieftain of Asgard, enjoys helping out his human friends and family whenever he can. His wife, Frigg, lavishes her time and attention on The Promise as their sons, Baldr and Hodr, get swept up in an extraordinarily deadly rivalry for love and power. In the meantime, Odin’s third son Thor and adopted son Tyr begin a series of adventures with Odin’s ex-thrall Loki, whose children are taken to Asgard in questionable circumstances. Against all this, the Dead soldier on, and Odin has to turn to an unlikely source of help whose ambitions, tenacity, and adventurousness are more than a match for his own...

Rooted in Old Norse, Danish and Latin sources, "The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy" is a contemporary, modern retelling of the Norse myths in three novels: "The Vision", "The Promise", and "Wolf's Father".'

Designing this cover was hard as I had to alter what I originally had in mind. I had envisioned an arm ring and a sword somewhere, but somehow, this did not fit the themes of the story I eventually told. In the end, I drew an abstract picture of what I perceive to be a jotunn horse instead; I suppose that jotunn horses must look like Icelandic horses but with additional features, and there is something about a horse's spirit, no matter where they are from, which ties in better with the themes of my retelling.

Coming up with this cover meant that I had to go back to the drawing board with my other covers so that 'The Vision' could be seen as part of the overall story arc of 'The Norse Myth Soap Opera', and 'The Prophecy' could be part of the story arc, or a standalone story altogether, and with these new covers done, I thought the cover of 'Five-Penny Rhymes' could do with some improvement, too, as the font was too small and faint and the size of the cover did not look right.

So here are my new covers!

I am now pushing back 'Wolf's Father: Part Three of The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' to autumn/winter 2018, as things are really busy, and after 'Wolf's Father' is done, I have another trilogy planned. Again, I have updated my list of my books - do take a look!
Thank you to all my IRL, Twitter and Google+ friends and family for all your support! :-)

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