Saturday, 21 April 2018

My new book, 'The Vision (Part One of the Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy)' is now out :-D !

I have some rather exciting news: my newest book, 'The Vision: Part One of the Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' is now out on Amazon Kindle! Here's what the cover looks like:

And here's the blurb:

'The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' consists of three novellas about the Norse Gods and Goddesses and Norse mythology in a style which owes much to gossip, British soap operas, and Chinese mythological novels, yet is rooted in what has been recorded in Old Norse sources. The result is a retelling with a fresh, alternative perspective on the Norse myths. 'The Vision', which is Part One of the Trilogy, introduces the main players in the myths and the worlds they live in.'

It has taken me six years to write 'The Vision'. This is because I have been busy with other things, and busy figuring out what certain Old Norse words and phrases mean.

The cover has taken me forever to design as finding the right tree was quite tough! A lot of people around me thought I was losing it when they saw me staring at trees and photographing them, especially since the rough weather has meant that many trees have remained bare. But I had an idea for the cover from the very start, and knew that no matter what, I had to take the right photograph at the right angle for the cover I had in mind. I feel that this cover ties 'The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' to 'The Prophecy', yet allows 'The Prophecy' to either be a stand-alone book or the fourth book in the Trilogy.

I plan to release Parts Two and Three to the Trilogy ('The Promise' and 'Wolf's Father') in 2018, so watch this space!

I have updated my blog so that my page with a list of my books is now up - do take a look!

Thank you to all my IRL, Twitter and Google+ friends and family for waiting so patiently! :-)

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