Monday, 22 May 2017

Here's a gift from me to celebrate getting 1000+ Twitter followers!

I was stunned to wake up to find that I now have 1000+ Twitter followers! Thank you,  شكرا, , sağolun,Спасибо, gracias, grazie, merci beaucoup, どうもありがとうございます, 대단히감사합니다, 谢谢for following me.

To celebrate, I have made this free ringtone/message alert ringtone called 'Rainforest Bird' for everyone to enjoy and use; you can preview it on Soundcloud and download it from  here.  It is in mp3 format and is 7 seconds long.

'Rainforest Bird' is a recording of a bird (of the feathered variety) which I had heard, but did not see, when I was on holiday in Southeast Asia. The house I was in happened to be next to a jungle, the last vestiges of a rainforest that was slowly being cleared to make way for housing. The sounds of that jungle enveloped the house every morning and night, and one day, a bird started chirping, distinctively and loudly, next to my window. It stayed long enough for me to make a recording of its chirps. Back in the UK, I amplified these chirps and shortened the gaps between them to make a viable ringtone/message alert ringtone.

If you can identify the bird from this recording, do let me know!

I hope you enjoy this sound from the jungle, and do enjoy the wonders of the natural world around you ^_^! *Don't forget, you can always buy my novel, 'The Prophecy' and my children's picture book, 'The Fox and It', for Kindle, from the different Amazons around the world!

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