Monday, 20 June 2016

The Most Annoying Vote, Ever

From what I have seen and heard from the politicians so far, they've failed me.

Remain: Our economy will shrivel faster than a walnut in saltwater if Britain pulls out of the EU and therefore pulls out of the European single market! *At the risk of reminding you about your geopolitics, have a look at Norway...*

Leave: We must lower the numbers of unskilled European immigrants entering Britain, and allow more skilled folks from the Commonwealth through! Look at French Nigel, his latest poster, his German wife, his Turkish political mate who's admitted his blondness comes from a bottle, and Greek Prince Philip, and tell poor old Chinese me whether it really is Europeans the Leave camp want to keep out.

British politicians didn't look into their children's and grandchildren's futures for this referendum, and after watching David Cameron on Question Time, I think they don't even care about what happens afterwards. All they want is to win an argument. At least that's sorted.

But I could be wrong.

Maybe it's not the politicians we should be cross with, but the media, and those so-called 'experts' who, I am willing to bet, have worked out a way to see what's on the dark side of the moon, or, for that matter, their own backsides.

So I am going to ignore them. 

Who would I prefer as my parliamentary representative: a European MP who I haven't voted for, or a British MP who I haven't voted for? Who would I prefer as my grandchildren's parliamentary representative?

Based on the rhetoric I'm hearing, it's a hard, hard decision. But no matter how I'll vote in the EU Referendum this Thursday, the sun will come out, tomorrow, etc, and whatever will be, will be, and that's why it's The Most Annoying Vote, Ever. I'll bet it's like looking forward to eating scrummy, crispy, golden, fried chicken wings, only to discover that the chicken wings are limp and oily because they were fried the night before. I'll bet the reaction will be a massive 'Meh? Is that it?' by Friday evening, and everyone will carry on, and whinge that it's raining in June. Bring it on!

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