Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Curious Case of Jeremy Clarkson

For those of you in the know, Jeremy Clarkson needs no introduction.

For those of you who don’t know, the BBC announced, very publicly, that it didn’t want to renew Clarkson’s contract to present ‘Top Gear’ (a popular BBC show about cars) after it investigated an allegation that he had punched a colleague. 

The BBC also announced that during the investigation, it had found that Clarkson punched the colleague because the colleague had fed him cold scraps instead of a nice, juicy, hot steak after a hard day’s work, and that the colleague had to go to A&E.

After Clarkson’s sacking, the police announced that Clarkson’s colleague did not want to press charges against Clarkson, and that they weren’t getting involved.

Yesterday, the BBC rehired Clarkson as a presenter of another show.

Since the BBC declared so publicly and with certainty that it had found that Clarkson had punched his colleague, why does the colleague still have to press charges against him?

For the police and courts to be involved, did Clarkson have to punch that colleague harder? 

Surely it is the role of the police and courts to investigate and declare if a crime has happened, not the BBC. Whatever happened to toes getting stepped on?

Whether I’m a fan of Clarkson or not, it’s certainly complicated outside the cushty world of ‘Top Gear’!

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