Sunday, 26 April 2015

My review of the film 'Into the Woods'

I am feeling rather chipper today because it's still the weekend, so here's my first ever written review of a film version of a musical! My (un)fortunate target is 'Into the Woods' starring Meryl Streep and James Corden. You can sing my review to the tune of 'Funiculì Funiculà' by Peppino Turco and Luigi Denza (arranged by Joel Perri) as I did.

Let's go, let's go, watch another show
Let's go, let's go, watch another show
Where tunes entrance
And lyrics dance
Where tunes entrance
And lyrics dance

This is not a musical, it is an opera!

Verse One:
I watched this show with such high expectations
It left me sad, it left me sad.
The songs were long and emptied of emotions
They were so bad, they were so bad.
The tunes seemed to be highly repetitive
They hurt my ears, they hurt my ears.
I think this show is the most tuneless songfest
I've seen in years, I've seen in years.

Chorus x 2

Verse Two:
The action moved fast and I didn't mind that
That was ok; that was ok.
The more I watched the more I was surprised that
This was a play; this was a play.
There were too many plots and subplots going
Who were the stars? Who were the stars?
As a musical this was confusing
It was a farce; it was a farce.

Chorus x 2

Verse Three:

The actors were all very good at acting
They weren't to blame; they weren't to blame.
And though there was much atmospheric lighting
The film was lame. The film was lame.
Men have always been favoured in folktales
So I asked why, yes I asked why:
Why, in this 'update', did the strong females
All have to die? All have to die?

Chorus x 2

Enjoy and have a fun Sunday :-)!

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