Monday, 10 March 2014

One year old!

This time last year, I was racking my brains about blogging and tweeting and what all this meant.
One year on, I can look back and marvel that I've actually managed to put words together to make coherent blog posts and tweets. If it sounds like I'm full of hot air, I think it's safe to say that this is the side effect of the two interrelated phenomena of being full of beans, and having the guts to have an online presence.

I find my thoughts speculating on the fate of the Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared over the weekend. When my friend first told me of the news, I assumed he was joking, because he's a committed UFOlogist and believer in the Bermuda Triangle who is convinced that UFOs have visited humans throughout human history, and that these aliens are walking amongst us. But when I discovered that he was telling the truth, I was shocked. The way I see it, I can track my friends using my phone, GPS, and their phone, so when something as big as a plane disappears, it comes across as unbelievable tripe.

Anyway, I hope that the plane is found soon, and that everyone on board is safe and sound.

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