Sunday, 23 February 2014

My new earworm!

What I thought was a new earworm turned out to be quite old in Australia. I've heard it playing recently in many shops and cafes, and it intrigued me a lot. There's a catchy bassline, a guitar riff that is memorable, and lyrics that until today were indecipherable to me. Try as I might, I couldn't make out the title of the song, and even the language it was sung in. Until today.

Every sales assistant I approached couldn't tell me what the earworm was called, and in the end, I changed tack and asked them who the singer was. It was a breakthough!

And now, I'm pleased to announce that the song is 'Sweet Disposition' by Aussie band 'The Temper Trap'. Now that I know what the lyrics are, I can actually try and sing to it.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

My first post of 2014!

Happy Solar New Year, and Happy Lunar New Year!

I ended last year with submitting a pilot episode for a sitcom to the BBC Writers' Room, and only just got the message last week that it didn't get through; apparently, I was up against around 2900 other writers! Stiff competition, eh? But taking part actually made me finish a script, and it also made me feel that I could learn more about this craft. I enjoyed every minute of writing, so it's definitely something I'd take further this year. Watch this space.

In other news, I got some tickets to the Beeb to see one of their shows! Whoopee! I shall write all about it, so watch out for more from Yours Truly. That is, if I remember to write...

Can't stop, must dash; I hope 2014 and the Year of the Horse will bring you everything you want!