Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013; hello 2014!

Well, 2013 is almost over for me, and what a year it's been! My highlights have been putting 'The Fox and It' out and learning to connect with you online.

'Mirrorverse' is on hold at the moment, because it's the festive season and because I have decided to actually plan what's going to happen next instead of making it up on the spot so that it can be more structured and make more sense. I think what you have on Twitter is just the start of something :-). Bear with me while I figure out what happens next. That's my resolution for 2014.

2014 will also see me attempt another illustrated kids' book and another script. Fingers crossed I will actually finish them!

I am grateful to you, whether you're on Google or Twitter, for making my year awesome. Honestly, I'm shocked at how many of you actually read the stuff I post. Thank you for reading, commenting, reviewing and connecting; I look forward to reading / viewing more of your works.

Happy New Year, I hope 2014 brings you whatever you wish for :-)!

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