Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's Bonfire Night tonight! And 'The Fox and It' has another great review!

The lovely Nayu on the book blog Nayu's Reading Corner has given 'The Fox and It' a maximum ten stars out of ten! She says:

"I laughed so much reading this funny tale - the illustrations are spot on with the hilarity - it's the expressions of the characters which makes me feel as if I'm watching a cartoon in slow motion. There are positive messages of not being too nosy, helping others and picking up any rubbish to keep everywhere looking nice. I confess to rereading this straight away for the sheer fun of it!"

Take a look here: http://nayusreadingcorner.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-fox-and-it-by-beanie-lei-childrens.html

And on other news, it's Bonfire Night today!

When I was younger, I used to see kids walking around with a bunch of rags they'd made up to look like a man-doll every fifth of November. They'd knock on doors and ask for 'a penny for the Guy', and my dad always obliged. 'It's only a penny,' he'd say, tossing some more change into the hat they shoved in front of him.

I haven't seen a Guy for some years now; he's been replaced by imps and ghouls who show up on Halloween demanding sweeties and throwing eggs on your front door when you don't answer. But at least bonfires, bangers and mash are still around.

For me, Bonfire Night was when I first learned that sausages weren't sausages anymore, but 'bangers'; before, I'd always thought that 'bangers' were 'boobs'. Apparently, sausages are called 'bangers' because they get noisy when cooking over an open fire.

I'll be firework-gazing and bangers-and-mashing this weekend because that's just me, but if you're celebrating tonight, have a great evening!

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