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Three Diamonds in the Rough

Ah, Twitter! Through it, I found three diamonds in the rough: Emily Bibb, Chris Jay, and their film, Porcelain Presence.

The trailer for Porcelain Presence looks like one for a horror film at first glance (if you are easily scared, I suggest viewing it during daylight hours), but if you stick on, you'll see that what you'll get is an intriguing psychological study into relationships.

The passion and vision Emily and Chris have for films and filmmaking are evident in the trailer for Porcelain PresenceWhat's even more amazing is that Emily (scriptwriter and producer) and Chris (producer and cinematographer) are genuine independent filmmakers who funded the creation of Porcelain Presence and its trailer by all themselves. The Bibb-Jay partnership is a phenomenon in the making, and Emily and Chris have my utmost respect for being an inspiration and for making their dreams a reality.

To support them, please like the Porcelain Presence Facebook Page (again, if you are easily scared, please view this during daylight hours), and do also check out the links to their sites, and to the trailer, in the 'In the Movies' and 'Music, Videos and Podcasts' sections of my blog. Enjoy!


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