Friday, 23 August 2013

Satire, humour, racism

I've seen instances of racism against the Chinese this week, and it ain't pretty. I am proud of my Chinese roots, and frankly, I get quite cross when any aspect of my heritage is used to make grotesque images that are used to generate laughter directed against people who look like me.

Or am I? Here's a clip from a comedy series called Father Ted

I find it hilarious. You will, too.

Anyone who wants to write a comedy about racism (this clip shows that this is neither an oxymoron nor a paradox) should study every frame of the episode of Father Ted this clip came from.

This is genius, pure comedy gold.  It shows the absurdly funny caricatures that racists use to mock the Chinese while making it clear that not all white people are racists. Though this clip only lasts for 1 minute and 16 seconds, it highlights particular actions that make all the white and Chinese people I know laugh (now that's what I call universality!).

@codyinvegas was right when he said that you should never point out a pimple on someone's face; they already know it's there.

Since all publicity is good publicity, I won't describe who did what, and where, and when. I will not give you racists publicity, because you don't deserve it. Though you offended me this week, thank you for reminding me that satirical comedy once existed, and that I was privileged to have watched it.

I miss Father Ted. Why don't they make shows like that anymore? RIP Dermot Morgan.

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