Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ooh, some more reviews for 'The Fox and It'!

'The Fox and It' has two Amazon reviews [I love my puns, sorry!]! 

Thank you, Dibeen and Kristin, for your kind words!

From Dibeen, 31 Jul 2013, on Amazon.co.uk, 5 stars

'Loved this short, playful and punchy story. I'll be reading it to many of the little people in my family as a valuable lesson in "Mum knows best"!'

From Kristin, 28 Jul 2013, on Amazon.ca, 5 stars
'This is an awesome tale about the (mis)adventures of a little fox. I love the themes of the importance of listening and being kind to the environment. The rhyming story and the adorable, colorful pictures make it perfect for my little girl who is almost one year old.'

Buy 'The Fox and It' here:
Amazon India (http://goo.gl/7U4t7a)
Amazon Japan (http://goo.gl/rAbDKN)
Amazon Germany (http://goo.gl/474uuS)
Amazon Canada (http://goo.gl/4YZyIw)
Amazon Spain (http://goo.gl/S2zpqK)
Amazon Italy (http://goo.gl/nrxftO)
Amazon Brazil (http://goo.gl/BGYTO8)
Amazon France (http://goo.gl/qYTPoe)
Payhip (http://goo.gl/wkvlT)  

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