Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My tuppence on...

In the UK, the saying 'a penny for your thoughts' is sometimes answered by 'here's my twopence worth', and though no-one's offered me a penny for anything, I thought I'd write my thoughts on things down with the tag 'My tuppence on...' just for the sake of blogging.

To start off, here's my tuppence on, erm, the topic of 'blogging'. I think it's easier to blog every few weeks than every day. It's hard to pick topics, and I like typing with a keyboard and not a tablet or a phone. 

But the thing is, once I get the words out, I actually feel that little warm glow inside that comes with having finished something I set out to do. I wanted to update my blog, and I've done it. Nothing can stop me except myself. It's the same with all writing, I suppose. That shoe company was on to something when they proclaimed, 'Just Do It!' So if you're stuck, take a breather, then get back to what it was you were doing. Just finish it. The correcting, the editing and the weeping over poor word choices can come later. Remember, just finish it.

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