Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Geek IQ Score

Youtube has been emailing to tell me about Geek Week, and after some resistance, I finally did one of their 'Geek IQ Tests'. To be honest, I was expecting questions along the lines of  'what is the size of the angle between the carbon and hydrogen atoms in a molecule of water' but instead, I got things like a photo of a cosplayer, and being asked to identify who he or she was. 

I always thought that 'geeks' were people who were obsessed with science and technology, while people who were obsessed with other things were known as 'hobbyists'. I'm glad to stand corrected, and to know that the net of geekiness is wider than I thought.

Based on Youtube's quiz, I have a Geek IQ Score of 149 out of 300 points, which makes me a geek in training. I thought it would be fun to try some more quizzes, so I did. 

My subsequent answers relied on a lot of guesswork, and I couldn't help but snigger as my score shot up to 230 points out of 300. That meant I was officially a Youtube Geek, so I stopped at the third quiz before I did myself any more damage. 

It was all a bit of fun while it lasted, and I'm glad to know that I still remember That Guy's Cat :-). Happy Caturday!

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