Thursday, 29 August 2013

A lesson I learnt from a squirrel

A little grey squirrel decided to approach the glass patio door earlier today. I was sitting on the other side, watching the squirrel as it scurried around. I could see every strand of hair that made up the fur on the squirrel's body, how fine the lines on its toes were, and how yellow its front teeth were.

The squirrel was so cute that I wanted to take a photo of it. Taking care not to make any noise, or to cause too many vibrations, I gingerly stood up and tiptoed away to find my camera. But by the time I tiptoed back, the bushy-tailed one was gone. I'd missed my chance.

If ever I felt like I'd missed a chance to capture a perfect moment and freeze it in time, that was it. I think I will have my camera beside me more often in case the squirrel decides to come back and say hi. Happy Thursday!

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