Saturday, 27 July 2013


I was in town with a friend, and as we walked down a street we thought an alarm had gone off, but it turned out to be a choir. My friend couldn't identify the song they were singing, and it took a while before I heard the unmistakable chorus of David Guetta's classic, 'Titanium'.

'What a horrible song,' my friend said and, shock horror, I agreed with her, and was torn by that! I love, love, love Electronic Dance Music (EDM), but hearing that choir forced me to accept A Sad Fact of Life: some successful EDM songs do not have a tune and meaningful lyrics, and no amount of rearrangement by a choir can disguise that.

I started kicking myself there and then, mentally, with my invisible third foot, because I refused to accept that all EDM is less than perfect.

Actually, I still refuse to face this! I don't want to be a grumpy old woman way before my time. I'm not becoming one, am I? I can't be! 

But when I got on the bus home, a little girl of about four started humming. Again, it took me a while to figure out what she was singing. This time, it was the otherwise otherworldly 'La La' by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith.

My family and friends will tell you that I'm the biggest EDM nut, and yes, I'm pleased that EDM has always been big in the UK and in Europe, but I wasn't raised on an EDM-only diet, and now, having been forced to endure the mangling of two, yes, two anthems, I don't think an EDM-only diet is good for anyone. I listened to other genres of music as well, and only appreciated EDM after comparing it to those other genres. This has led me to conclude that kids and choirs, if they can't sing properly, should be given the option to learn to sing songs with lyrics and tunes before rearranging any EDM song to their taste, otherwise they'll wreck EDM songs and alienate people from EDM, which is not what I want and which I'm sure many people would want to avoid!!! So record companies and music industry moguls, take note and try and sign up as many musicians from as many genres as you can, so that you can expose people like that choir and the little girl to music genres that are more suitable for singing along to!

Have a great weekend! :-)

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