Monday, 8 July 2013

My children's picture book 'The Fox and It' is out, yay!

Morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed watching the tennis at Wimbledon and learning the inspiring stories of Murray (the winner) and Djokovic (the runner-up) over the weekend as much as I did!

Last week I wrote about finishing my children's book; well, here is the front cover!

'The Fox and It' is 99 pence (£0.99) and if you recommend it to your friends, you will get a discount! Buy it here: At the moment, it is only available as an ebook.

Runty, a curious little fox who lives in the English countryside, stumbles across It one day. Find out why, and what happens next in this rhyming poem for very young children, complete with bright, colourful pictures. 

I'm pleased with how my book looks because the illustrations and text were all by me. Many people I know have black-and-white Kindles and I hope that by using Payhip, they can download a copy of the book to colour devices. Enjoy!

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