Friday, 28 June 2013

What I've been up to

Hey everyone, hope you've had a great week! I'd like to use this massive block of space here to say hello and thank you to my Twitter followers and to the readers of my blog, old and new, for your accompanying me as I wander towards my Grail, which is to actually finish, and I mean *finish*, something that I've started.

Well, I have some news: I've actually finished something! Yay! As is most things in my life, it's turned out to be a lovely surprise from what I was expecting.

I have been co-authoring and co-illustrating a kids' picture book, and writing my London-based sci-fi novel as well as my Twitter novel on the side. In June, my poor, trusty laptop refused to switch on, and I lost a few days trying to get it fixed. When I finally got it running again, I found out that the picture book was ok, but my sci-fi novel was gone. I had a backup of both docs, which should have been the end of it all, but instead of working from the backups, I then spent a few days worrying about how a document could disappear from a computer, which meant that I wasn't actually completing the writing of said document in the first place, as you do (I think this, by the way, is a much better excuse than 'my dog ate my [insert item]').

Anyway, inspiration struck again, and I had yet another story. As I wondered how best to tell it, I realised that writing my Twitter novel had taught me one thing: that it's possible to tell a story in a few words if you pick the right ones. My story became a picture book, complete with pictures, for 0 to 7 year-olds and as far removed from sci-fi and London as it can possibly be. And I am chuffed to bits with it.

So it's on to the next step, which is finding my story a home. In the meantime, I'm glad to say that I added another 200 words to my novel. Stay tuned!

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