Monday, 15 April 2013

Learning to be a Twit, Part 1

I decided to become a twit after hearing a lot about Twitter being used for self-promotion. Now that a month's come and gone, I feel I have enough to post some of my thoughts. Here's Part One!

In real life, I'm admittedly not much of a people person, but when it comes to interactions, I am definitely a fan of F2F meetings. I don't like Facebook, and only ever use email and my phone when I have to. I actually find it easier to approach people and talk to them directly.

With Twitter, I discovered that to contact people, I'd need to follow them, but seriously, it's hard work to follow 160 people! Some post so much information that it blows your mind away, so I had to drop some of them and in turn, they dropped me. I can't blame them :-).

On the plus side, I met so many lovely and interesting people I would never otherwise have had the chance to meet. From @kathrynssedoga, for example, I learnt about the Canadian First Nations and the power of using something like Twitter to raise awareness of important social issues. From indie writers like @vgrefer, @armandauthor, @jackcroxall and @SDSouthard, I am gaining a feel as to where the publishing and writing industry is going. I even get to listen to music as it's being made, thanks to musicians like @DJStyle, @shaunaburns, @AESPiano, @RedRockIt and @JasonAppleApari. And some of the 'slebs I admire and respect seem that much more 3D, too. I had never imagined that @therealgokwan is not just a clothes horse manager, but someone who would campaign for Legal Aid in the UK to be kept, or that @twhiddleston really cares about the fact that Female Genital Mutilation and hunger still exist in Africa. Neither did I imagine that @SnoopDogg is a real genius comedian. He brightens my day.

And I'm also indulging in my language-learning in earnest, especially when tweeps (see, even my vocabulary has expanded) like @franckwerle tweet in their native languages. On the other hand, I would dearly love to know what @LeraNayanova, @ULTFOMS, @DegtyaryRu and @portablejbrjapa are tweeting...

Those are my thoughts on Twitter so far; I'll definitely stick on to see where being a twit will get me next! Have a nice Monday!

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